Thursday, May 10, 2012

Emerald sky logo

Here is the beginning exploratory phase of the Emerald Sky logo. Since this publishing company specializes in Sci Fi and Fantasy, I had fun playing with the idea of spaceships and celestial forms. I thought about sketching griffins and pegasus', however that wouldn't work with the other 4 logos, because they are literal descriptions of the name of the company. 
 The comet was the best pick for the client and I am glad she did. I feel that the comet best includes both the sky and the emerald. Here I got to play with comet tails and figure out what the rock would look like. The client picked C with the rock in A. When I was finalizing the logo, I realized that the trail was too straight, plus the positive space wasn't working for me. So I changed it to be more dynamic and more like a comet orbiting an unseen mass.