Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Emerald Sky Final

I gave the client the "final" from the previous post and he liked it, but it closely resembled a spermatozoon. So I did some research on sperm (funny but true) to figure out why they looked similar. Basically, you got your head and your tail and the proportions of the cell, which were similar to my previous logo. Then, I went and researched comets to see why they looked the way they did. Comets have a trail of dust, an ion tail, a head and a nucleus. When I was looking at comets, my favorite part was the dust tail, which you see illustrated above. I also added a bit-o-dust coming off the nucleus (rock) so it detracts from the spermatozoon look-a-like. Lastly, I added a circular grid to the logo to make the tail more unified in flow and shape and voila! I finished the Emerald Sky logo. (2 down 3 to go!)