Thursday, January 15, 2015

Christmas Poster for School Improvement Network

The Holiday season was crazy for me this past year and I am finally posting something from Christmas. I was asked by my work to create a poster to promote the company Christmas Party and gave me artistic freedom. So I decided to so something classic looking to fit the semi-formal dress as well as the style of the hotel the party is at. Originally I made the poster with gold and black. The client did not like the black and wanted to have it more "Christmasy" or "wintery." I first changed the text from gold to blue to make it look more like snow, but it was still too dark for the client. 

I really wanted to keep the black and changed the text to glitter. I really loved the black and glitter because I thought it looked classic. But the black was not cutting it. I changed it to the green that you see in the first image, which achieved the classic look I wanted and the festive Christmas look the client wanted.