Friday, February 4, 2011

Disobedient Elephant

This is version 1 of this illustration. The requirement of this project was to incorporate the words circus, president, and sin. When I first got this I thought it would be impossible to do. I brainstormed all the synonyms for these words to see how they could relate. I decided that president could be the ring master, since he is in charge of the circus. I wanted to make this a children's book illustration so with sin I chose disobedience, where it is not serious but enough to know that it is not an encouraged behavior. I wanted to try to make my style of my dancers fits into a children's book by mixing digital and hand drawn ink. Looking at it now I would like to change my drawing a bit by making the ring master pointing out to the arena, telling the elephant to get out there. I also want to make the elephant crossing her arms and turning her waist and head away from the ring master. I hope you enjoy it so far!