Friday, September 2, 2011

Locrydian Logo

Hi Everyone!

So these past few weeks I have been working on a logo for my aunt's music producing company, which is mostly directed to children and infants. I worked on finding the right type face as well as how it looked for most of the time. I only had a day or 2 to work on the logo symbol and here is what I came up with.

a. I researched what a locrydian/mixocrydian and on wiki it said that an example of it is the intro to Sweet Child O' Mine. So cool! So I tried to visualize what it looked like and I came up with the movement behind the text.

b. I wanted to play with kiddie idea some more, and if the music my aunt creates were and animal it would be a bird. It is acapella and happy sounding so I felt that it fit. Although my original was said it looked like a fish so I fixed it and came up with the image below.

c. I wanted to play with the treble clef and researched it so I wouldn't be accidentally copying anyone and I came up with the above.

I have to say logo creating is fun. I still need practice, but I tried to keep to the logo design principles.

Any feedback is welcome! Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

The bird is great, but the music-note feet take the theme a bit too far. (Plus the notes are backward.) Try it with simple bird feet.

What happens when one applies the design principles to company naming? "Locrydian"? Ai ya!