Thursday, June 6, 2013

Business Cards for Basic Gear

If you all remember, I made a logo for the company Basic Gear. My client came back and asked for business cards. It was very exciting for me, since it was the first time I got to design a business card (yes, I am still new to all of this).
I wanted to make a bridge between the outdoor (camping, hiking, rock climbing, bush whacking, etc.) and a clean modern look. So I took a wood texture (if I had a bigger budget I would get actual wood and brand the cards) and used that as the background. Then I took elements from their website to make a transition from web to print for the graphic elements on the back of the card.
With this experience I have learned a lot about making a design simple and not boring. I absolutely loved this project and can't wait for the next.


Bruce Bevan said...

These look great!

doctors visiting cards said...

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