Thursday, July 17, 2014

Introducing Edivation Video

I am excited to do a post of something I did at my work, School Improvement Network. I was asked to storyboard and provide graphics our newest promotional video for our product Edivation. I worked under the creative direction of Galen Leith as well as with two great animators: Michelle Ballamis and Greg Griffeth. 

I drew up 4 version of a storyboard while working closely with the animators to see if things would flow well. I then brought my ideas into the computer since I would have to give all the elements in the video to the animators.

I originally had my characters more human like, but to make it easier for the animators, we decided to capitalize on the thought that our "i" in Edivation was our individual. I designed the following 5 characters for our video. Our administrator and our 4 teachers.

Here are some shots from my storyboard that you might see in the video above. Of course as production goes on, things get cut and new ideas come up.

I had a great time working on this video. It is so fun to see something you conceptualized and worked so hard on as a finished product. I am so grateful to have collaborated with such talented people and to learn more about motion graphics. I look forward to creating more project like this in the future. 


Chrissy Coonradt said...

This is amazing!! So professional and clean looking! I love it!! Way to go!