Friday, October 2, 2009


Black and White still life done in gouache. This was one of my first assignments of the semester. The painting was to portray the joy of a childhood Christmas. It was difficult to do, because our limitation was to only use black and white paint and the best way to show the mood of joy is in color.

I absolutely love this one of Mary had a little lamb in Peru. I did lots of research on clothing and environments in Peru. I wanted to show the scene where the children laughed an played. It was a different take because most of the rhythm illustrations are Mary walking to school with a lamb tagging close behind.

This is one of my favorite still lives I did this past year because I designed it using triangles. This assignment was to illustrate nutrition in gouache. I really wanted to do good nutrition because I think it looks more aesthetically pleasing than hamburgers and milkshakes.

This is a book cover for Narcissus and Echo. I had the opportunity to have my friends model for me and I was able to get photo reference for this piece. I used the triangle composition for this intimate setting tto make it more dynamic.

Here is an illustration for an editorial piece on severe anxiety. I wanted to show that this man stuck himself in a hole to avoid social contact with coworkers and also to show that he has the ability to climb out of his hole. This piece I wanted to paint in a graphic style because I enjoy looking at graphic illustration for editorial pieces.

All of these are done in gouache paint and on illustration board.


Rayzzle said...

My goodness, Katie Bevan. I forgot how AMAZINGLY TALENTED you are. I am so glad you are blogging! I hope you keep posting your work. I would really love to see more.

Katianne said...

:) I love to see what you are doing, your art is so awesome!

Meg said...

katie! you are amazing. my favorite of these is the peruvian mary. =) hope you are well!