Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Illustration/ still lifes

This assignment was a simple still life for my illustration class. It had to be one color (monochromatic) and in oil paint. The point of the still life was to continue learning how to use the medium of oil and paint realistically.

This was my first monochromatic still life this semester and for the assignment we were required to have 2 fruit and a mug. I spent a long time trying to get get the values correct, and push my darks. I have a habit of wanting to make everything light, but I do my best to push my range of values in a piece.
Both of these where done at the beginning of September.


Katie Bevan said...

pardon the pixelation. I still need to figure out how to post high resolution images. (any tips?)

Cari said...

Wow, Katie! I had no idea you were an artist. These are awesome. Thanks for sharing. (Cari Banning)