Saturday, November 7, 2009

Basic color studies

In my illustration class we were learning more about color and how it reflects in its environment. This is an oil painting of an orange with different color walls and floor to observe how light and color interact on each other. I found that the most interesting interaction is on the right side of the orange, the red wall is throwing color into the orange creating a mixed color.

I made this box box out of another box to make it the perfect size. Then I put it in the colorful setting to further my understanding of how light and color interact with my box. It was fun to see that the red is reflected up into the bottom of the box and the yellow is on the side and top of the white of the box. When I started this project I thought it was going to be easy since the object is angular, but in reality that was the toughest part for me, was correcting my perspective of the box in a real space.


LizzyB said...

I love your work xxoo Mom