Tuesday, January 3, 2012

365 project

My husband gave me a very good idea to start what is called a "365 Project" which is to create something once a day all year long. I guess this is also considered a New Years' resolution to draw every day. This year I plan on doing a sketch everyday and here are 2 examples from yesterday and today. They are just rough ideas and actually I really enjoy it because it doesn't take too long, nor do I have to make a long commitment to finish a project. Plus, I get to start new ideas and can take from there in to a final project if I choose. Another example is my husband is going to make a mug/cup everyday and the point is to explore new shapes and designs. I encourage anyone to do this project whether you are a photographer, writer, scientist, or whatever you enjoy doing, do something creative once a day this entire year (it's not too late to start).