Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Reed Center

I apologize for not posting anything for a long time. I have been busy with the 365 project as well as working on a logo. Today I am posting about the logo for The Reeds Center. There are 3 partners (psychologists) that created their own therapy company (center) in New York City. The concept behind the logo is that these 3 psychologists are coming together to help people grow.  The situation was that they already had a logo created on a "create a logo site," however they didn't like the type face nor the color of the logo. I had to retrace the logo, as well as fix color, typeface and placement. I am not yet finished with the project, but here is what they gave me and what I have given them up-to-this-date.




Will Terry said...

nice logo!

kwistin said...

i like where yours is going. a lot more inviting and soft, but still professional. good choice! what font is it?

Anonymous said...

@kwistin Protip: WhatTheFont identifies fonts in bitmap images. In this case, it finds some close-but-not-quites.

Katie Bevan said...

The font is Aller Light. I like the way it looks simple, but there is still character to it.