Saturday, April 14, 2012

Azure Valley

Following up on my previous post, the client got back to me and said they liked option B1 and B2. I wanted to play with the white shapes in the mountain, which I think adds more interest than just a silhouette. I sketched out some more ideas, based on what they said they liked and I came up with the 3 ideas shown above. I emailed my client the 3 options to choose from (as well as mix and match the following elements: book, mountain, and color.) The deadline is this Monday and I can't wait to hear back from the client to make those finishing touches. ( I am hoping to finish this tomorrow.)

My thinking for behind the logo is that reading takes us on adventures and allows us to explore new worlds. Opening that book unfolds those new discoveries to be found, especially when this company publishes travel essays, textbooks and non-fiction stories. I like that the book opens up and creates a natural valley and has the interactive element of a mountain popping out of the book.


Anonymous said...

I'm rooting for the one on the left in one of the two lighter blues. Visually pleasing.

Well done!

poltapka said...

It's very pleasent! I cite your logo as an example to my coworkers