Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finale of the Azure Logo

Viola! After drawing hundreds of thumbnails (mostly mountains), and some Adobe Illustrator magic, I have finished the first out of five logos for TM Publishing (actually six, including the actual company logo.) I am pretty happy with the way the logo turned out. It was difficult to create a mountain and a book shape, because there is so many cliche logos out there using those elements. I had to really research to make sure all my ideas had not been done before. In addition, I had to simplify it down and make it dynamic. I made the book asymmetrical, because reading isn't stagnant. You are going on a journey and sometimes flipping through those pages rapidly to see what happens next. I like that the client kept the element of the pop-up mountain to show that reading (especially now it's gone digital) is interactive.  The story really comes to life and you are involved with what's going on. (At least that's how I feel.) Keep a look out for my next logo within the next week or so!