Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mexican Bird Mural

Back in September 2011, Trevor's mom and step dad went to Mexico and brought back something for everyone. Trevor's step dad's mom got a wall piece with 2 colorful birds surrounded by lots of flowers and leaves. She was inspired by it and wanted to paint her bathroom those colors. She also has a sliding closet in the bathroom that she asked me to paint a mural on.
I first sketched out the birds on a piece of paper and then redrew them on to the doors (after painting them white). Then I painted the base colors with acrylic paint/house paint. After painting a couple of coats on to each section of the birds, I was able to outline them (which also took a couple of coats, because yellow and white are so transparent.)
I finished this mural 2 weeks ago, but I forgot my to bring my camera when I finished it. I came back to take a picture, but my camera's battery died and I didn't have the charger with me so I used my grandma's point and shoot. (hence the low res pictures) So I will have to go back and get some high res pictures next week.